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GP Services

Cardinia Vasectomy Clinic


Dr Sally McDonald is now accredited to perform non-scalpel vasectomy at Lakeside Square Medical Centre. Click here for more information



Comprehensive Family Medicine


We are committed to providing medical care to all members of the family, throughout their different life stages from antenatal care through to aged care and palliative care.



Paediatrics, Childhood, Adolescent and Adult Immunizations


We perform newborn examinations, 4 yr old health checks, administer immunisations, formulate and/or review allergy and asthma action plans.



Shared Antenatal Care


We have an accredited shared antenatal care GP that can provide pregnancy care to eligible women across the Monash Health hospitals (Casey, Dandenong and Monash hospitals).



Seniors Health/Preventative Health Care


We provide health assessment and chronic disease management plans.



Travel Advice and Vaccinations


We are also accredited to administer the Yellow Fever vaccine.



Men's Health Checks


We provide a range of services pertinent to boys' and men's health issues eg prostate checks.





We are committed to assisting patients in their safe return to work.



Women's Health Services

  • Pap Smears

  • Antenatal shared care

  • Contraception, including Implanon and Mirena insertion

  • Sexual Health Checks

  • Menstrual/gynaecological problems

  • Breast Examinations

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