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Patient Information



Please call healthdirect on 1800 022 222 or visit

VVED (Victoria Virtual Emergency Department) is a public health service to treat non-life-threatening emergencies in designated areas of Victoria. This DOES NOT include Casey or Cardinia. You can connect though if you have COVID from anywhere in Victoria. The VVED allows patients to talk to emergency nurses and doctors from their homes or workplaces. If you have a non-life-threatening emergency, you can connect virtually with staff, who will be able to provide medical advice. This service allows you to receive emergency advice in your home and keep your care closer.

Telephone Consultations

From the 1st of July 2021, there will only be two remaining items eligible under Medicare for a phone consultation, which are standard appointments for scripts or results. Any other appointment type eg Plans etc, will not be covered and will require an in-person consultation


Privacy Policy

Lakeside Square Medical Centre abides by a very strict privacy policy. We maintain the security of personal health information at all times and ensure that this information is only released with your expressed written consent or where it is required by law. We have a comprehensive privacy policy available to all patients. Please do not hesitate to contact our practice manager on 9796 2111 if you have any queries at all regarding the privacy of your health information.

Click here for our full Privacy Statement


Patient Forms

To help ensure the best medical care and to allow thorough follow-up, we do require all new patients who attend our practice to complete a Patient Registration Form. For your convenience, the form is available below. This can be completed prior to coming to your first appointment with us. Please DO NOT email the confidential completed form, simply hand it to reception staff when you arrive for your appointment.


Also below is an Update or Correct Your Details Form. It is vital that we are always able to contact you. If any of your details change, this form should be completed. This includes a change of address; work, home or mobile phone number; medicare number; the person to contact in the case of an emergency; or a change of name. You can also use this form to correct any details we may have incorrectly recorded for you. This form should also not be emailed to us, but brought to us at your next consultation. You can, of course, phone us on 9796 2111 to inform us of the updated information.


The Forms


Lakeside Square Medical Centre is a private practice. Payment is required on the day of consultation. Children under 16 will be bulk billed and aged pensioners with a current pension card may be bulk billed at the discretion of the Doctor.  ALL PROCEDURES ARE PRIVATELY BILLED.

The list above is intended as a guide only. Fees can vary, based on the length of time taken for each consultation, the complexity and the determination of the individual doctor.

Theatre procedures, dressings and wound care, vaccinations can incur  additional charges

Appointments that involve a procedure or assistance from our nurses may incur additional fees for consumable material we are not able to re-use.

We accept all major credit cards and are able to process your Medicare rebate on the spot in most cases.

Repeat Scripts

To ensure optimal medical care, a review of your medical condition must take place before a repeat prescription can be provided. You can be allocated a consultation for a repeat prescription.

Patient Results

If your doctor sends you for any investigations it is preferable that you return to see your doctor to discuss the results. However, the doctor may ask you to phone for the results.

However, it is essential that you exercise your responsibility to either return for a review or call in one week to act as double-check that your result has been processed and seen by the doctor.


The clinic operates a recall and reminder system to assist in managing patient care. Please speak to reception if you would like to opt out of this service.



On-Site Pathology

Dorevitch Pathology is located on-site. Hours of operation are:

Mon - Fri - 8:00am - 4:00pm
Sat - 8:00am - 12:00pm 
Sun - Closed



After Hours

Our clinic provides 24-hour care and home visits if required by using a locum service. The locum service is Home Doctor Service. The service is bulk billed. If you call the surgery after hours on 9796 2111, you will be connected to the locum service. Any medical notes relating to a visit from the Home Doctor Service are forwarded to the clinic and included in your medical history.



Patient Feedback and Complaints

Please do not hesitate to speak to the practice manager or your doctor if you have any queries or feedback regarding any aspect of the care provided at the clinic.


Click here to read a lovely compliment received by a patient.



Suggestions Box

  • A water machine in the waiting room would be good to have when waiting for doctors
    A new water machine has been installed for patients
  • The foyer gets slippery when wind blow in on the foyer
    A Wet when slippery sign has been brought to put out on rainy days
  • The wait time to make appointments on the phone
    Hotdoc has now been installed to book on line
  • Coffee machine
    New café in shopping centre
  • Books for kids area
    New books have been purchased
  • Magazines need updating
    Magazine are changed monthly
  • Disable parking needed
    2 parking places have been redone out the front for disable
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