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Dr Sally McDonald is now accredited to perform non-scalpel vasectomy at Lakeside Square Medical Centre.

Non-scalpel vasectomy is a technique that involves less discomfort and dramatically fewer complications than conventional vasectomies. This minimally invasive method means you can resume your normal, active life far quicker.


Dr Sally qualified in vasectomy training from Healthcert International in partnership with Monash University. She completed her practical training with Dr Raj Selvarajan. Dr Raj is a leader in the training of non-scalpel vasectomy in Australia, as well as being the course director for advanced clinical procedures and leads non-scalpel vasectomy training conducted byHealthcert International.


Dr Sally has also trained with Dr Doug Stein, a world-renowned urologist from Florida who is a leader in the development of the no-scalpel technique. He is deeply involved with Non-Scalpel Vasectomy International, charitable organisations which arrange medical missions to The Philippines, Haiti and Kenya.


Dr Sally participated in the 2018 mission to the Philippines, where an international team of doctors performed more than 350 free vasectomies over 10 days. Dr Sally intends to repeat this mission in 2019.Dr Sally is a graduate of Monash University and has been a general practitioner for over 30 years, commencing in Upper Beaconsfield in the early 1980s.


Call (03) 9037 7055 or fax (03) 9037 7021. 

Address: 2, 2-9 Village Way, Pakenham, 3810. 


An initial consult will be required and patients will need to allow up to 2 hrs for the procedure.


Level 1, 2 - 9 Village Way, 
Pakenham 3810
Phone: (03) 9796 2111

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The doctors at Lakeside Square Medical Centre have provided high quality comprehensive medical care to the Cardinia and Casey community for the last 30 years.

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